UJiwan’s Wish To Bring Minjae Down In User Not Found Episode 11


‘User Not Found’ Episode 11  is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about ‘User Not Found’ Episode 11 , Raw Scans, Previously on ‘User Not Found’ Episode 10 And More.

User Not Found is a South Korean romantic drama that consists of total of 22 episodes. The first episode of the series was broadcast on December 3, 2021, and till now it has gained a huge fan base. The story of ‘User not Found’ revolves around two girls who have the same name- Yoo Min Jae. Both of the girls are about to start a new school and decide to change their lives by signing a contract to exchange their identities.

User Not Found Episode 10 Highlights:

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User Not Found Episode 11

Episode 10 of User Not Found is full of Min Jae and Yijoon moments. The duo is realizing that they both enjoy each other’s company and are shedding the preconceived notions they had about each other. The fans are really happy with this progress. On the other hand, the other Minjae also discovers that Hyejun is very different from her. Hyejun has a very cold behavior towards Minjae. We are expecting to see more bonding between the two characters. 

User Not Found Episode 11 Release Date:

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Episode 11 of User Not Found will be released on January 7, 2022. The engrossing plot and interesting characters have kept its fans from all across the globe addicted to the drama series.

User Not Found Episode 11 Countdown:

User Not Found Episode 11 Spoilers:

In the upcoming episodes we can expect the chemistry between Minjae and Hyejun to grow. We can also witness Jiwan’s wish to bring Minjae down. Hyejun will help her to deal with all her problems.

Where To Watch User Not Found?

We do not recommend you to watch any show on any fake platform or website, You can watch it on Rakuten Viki.

User Not Found Cast:

  • Bae Jin Young as Shin Yi Joon
  • Shin So Hyun as Yopo Min JAe
  • Han Ye Ji as Yoo Min Jae
  • Ahn Se Min as Shin Hye Jun

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