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User Not Found’ Episode 17 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about User Not Found’ Episode 17 Release Date, Recap of User Not Found’ Episode 16, and more.

A romance drama about two female high school students who happen to share the same name. When they both transfer to a new school at the same time, hoping to use the opportunity to turn their lives around, they forge a secret contract to swap identities. Shin Yi Joon is the most popular student at his high school. Although he seems tough and aloof on the outside, Shin Yi Joon is actually a huge softie on the inside—and far from getting into fights with other students, he even has a hard time saying no to other people.

User Not Found Episode 16 Highlights

In the ‘User Not Found’ Episode 16, we saw what actually went down between Shin Hye Joon and Shin Yi Joon. Why Shin Yi Joon always left things unsaid with Shin Hye Joon and why he was always so aloof. Shin Hye Joon and Shin Yi Joon had always been good friends and had mutual friends. Since Shin Hye Joon had a good image, everyone used to find Yi Joon as the cool and mysterious brother. In middle school, Shin Yi Joon had made other friends and used to hangout with them, but Shin Hye Joon’s friends only wanted to hangout with him if he called Yi Joon. 

User Not Found Episode 17 Release Date

User Not Found Episode 17 Release Date, Credit:

The upcoming episode will release on January 28, 2022. 

User Not Found Episode 17 Countdown:

User Not Found Episode 17 Spoilers 

In this episode, Shin Hye Joon will probably admit his mistake and try to amends it with everyone. As the episodes progress, we see a lot of each character’s past. We might also get more of Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) and Yi Joons scenes. Maybe they’ll finally tell each other their true feelings since, in the preview, they were seen spending time with each other, and Yi Joon finally sings a song for Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun).

User Not Found Episode 17 Streaming Details 

We do not recommend you to watch any show on any fake platform or website, You can watch it on Rakuten Viki.

User Not Found Cast

  1. Bae Jin Young 
  2. Han Ye Ji, 
  3. Ahn Se Min
  4. Lee Seung-Gyu
  5. Shin So Hyun 
  6. Jung Hyun

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