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Blue Birthday is a Naver subsidiary PlayList Global drama web series set in South Korea. The series stars Kim Ye-rim as Oh Ha-rin and Yang Hong-Seok as Ji Seo-jun and is directed by Park Dan-hee and co-written by Goo So-Yeon and Moon Won-young. Oh Ha-Rin, the female heroine revisits the past through enigmatic images left by her first love, who died on her birthday 10 years ago. It debuted on July 23 on Naver TV and WeTV, and it airs every Friday and Saturday at 19:00 on Naver TV and WeTV (KST). For worldwide audiences, it launched on YouTube on August 6th. Audiences from South Korea, however, are the only ones who can see it.

Previously On Blue Birthday Episode 15 :

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Ji Seo Jun begins the 14th episode of Blue Birthday by crying out loud on the school’s patio. After Hye Min and Ha Rin tumble off the terrace, something happens. Ambulance sirens can be heard in the background. The image then turns to Ha Rin being carried on a stretcher out of the school grounds. Seo Jun wants to approach her, but the officials prevent him from approaching her. Seo Jun hopes that it is only a nightmare from which he will soon awaken. That, however, does not occur.

Ha Rin’s death has shocked the entire school. While staring at an old photograph, Eun Seong professes his emotions for her. While mourning Ha Rin’s passing, Ui Young and Su Jin remember her affectionately. Meanwhile, Seo Jun is walking around school and seems to see Ha Rin everywhere he turns. Ha Rin has been pronounced dead in the hospital. Hye Min, on the other hand, is still alive despite the fact that she is brain dead. Seo Jun’s mother is heartbroken over her daughter’s condition. In truth, the poor woman holds herself responsible for everything that has gone wrong. Seo Jun reaches a point where he’s had enough. He needs to find a way to resurrect Ha Rin and save Hye Min.

During this time, he also learns that he wants to save his mother from the pain she is through. He immediately recalls how he had instructed Ha Rin to maximize the film so that a total of 25 photographs could be taken. Seo Jun recalls how, while hunting for proof with Ha Rin, his camera slipped and fell to the floor. It had taken a photo by accident.

Blue Birthday Episode 16 Release Date And Time:

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On September 11, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. KST, The Blue Birthday Episode 16 will air. The episode is available on WeTV, Rakuten Viki, and Naver TV.

What To Expect From Blue Birthday Episode 16 ?

Blue Birthday Episode 16 Release Date

Blue Birthday is coming to an end, and the season finale has us both sad and excited. We’ll finally find out if Ha Rin and Seo Jun get happy ever after they so properly deserve in Blue Birthday Episode 16. What started out as a story about Ha Rin having to resurrect Seo Jun is quickly evolving into a story about Seo Jun saving her. Everything that has occurred in the last few episodes has occurred in the past. Finally, Ha Rin and Seo Jun’s story will be concluded in Blue Birthday Episode 16 tomorrow.

The Cast Of Blue Birthday:

  • blue birthday episode 3


    Oh Ha Rin

    Main Role

  • blue birthday episode 3

    Yang Hong Seok

    Ji Seo Jun

    Main Role

Support Role

  • Lee Sang Jun

    Cha Eun Sung

    Support Role

  • Kim Yi Seo

    Ji Hye Min

    Support Role

  • Kim Gyeol Yu

    Do Soo Jin

    Support Role

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