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‘Love Twist’ Episode 9 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about ‘Love Twist’ Episode 9 Raw Scans, Previously on ‘Love Twist’ Episode 8, And More. 

It is a South Korean television series that is directed by Kim Won-Yong and also written by Lee Eun-Joo. The story revolves around a family whose love and life are totally messed up because of a lie.

Love Twist Episode 8 Highlights:

 Ha Ru gets a job offer from Goodle in Silicon Valley and decides to close ‘Twist’. However, Yoon Ah being a well-wisher of Ha Ru calls his mother and says to her to convince him to be firm on his decision. Later, Hee Ok could not let go of the issue so calls Ok Hee to meet. She says to her that So Ri and Ha Ru have started a business together. As So Ri will start her training so as to take over her father’s company soon, Hee Ok believes that Ha Ru should think of his future more.

   Everyone in So Ri’s family is suspicious about what had happened to Mr. Kim. In the past, So Ri has a cat namely, Blackie. One day the cat disappears, and she is not able to find the cat anywhere. Later, she accuses Mr. Kim of killing her Blackie. The conversation becomes so worse that So Ri threatens to kill Mr. Kim. Then her father interferes to loosen the situation but he witnesses the look in his daughter’s eyes as she says angrily that she will take her revenge. That day only  Gwang Nam realizes So Ri’s potential and acknowledges her as a successor.

Love Twist Episode 9 Spoilers:

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Mr. Kim chases So Ri and confronts her for damaging his face. Despite she keeps saying that she is not the one who did this, he does not let her go anywhere. As the situation starts to get out more violent Ha Ru intervenes. As they left the scene, Mr. Kim destroys the cats’ house that So Ri built. On seeing this, she is aggravated and knocks him to the ground. In a flashback, we see out that it was a snake in the wine bottle that scratched Mr. Kim’s face. Will the fire and anger in So Ri help her become a great successor?

Love Twist Episode 9 Release Date:

Love Twist Episode 9 will release on 23rd December 2021. 

Watch Love Twist Episode 9 Online:

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