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Wentworth Season 9 Episode 3 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Wentworth Season 9 Episode 3  Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of Wentworth Season 9 Episode 2, And More.

Wentworth is an Australian television drama series. The show has been created by Lara Radulovich as well as David Hannam.

Previously On Wentworth Season 9 Episode 2:

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The previous episode initiated with the prison guards who were rushing towards the cell where Lou has Reb with her. She locks the door from inside while saying that she will not let anyone take Reb away from her and she keeps on crying. Though, one of the guards named Linda unlocks the door with a key while pushes Lou away from Reb using pepper spray on her. They try for getting a pulse on Reb during the meantime Marie watches from outside the cell. She soon comes to know that Reb is no more.

When they move towards the medical care unit, Lou explains everything to Will. She explains to him how she found Reb who was lying there dead. On the other side, it is seen that Sheila and Marie were talking and Sheila tells her about she killed Reb. She explains the reason behind the murder which is that it was payback for what Lou did to the very important person in her life. Later, Lou tries for blaming some other inmates the ones who she thinks may have killed Reb. Though, she got nothing out of it.

Wentworth Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date:

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The upcoming episode of the series Wentworth is going to be released on 7th September 2021. Each new episode of the series releases every Tuesday according to the schedule.

Wentworth Season 9 Episode 3 Countdown:

Wentworth Season 9 Episode 3 Spoilers:

wentworth season 9 episode 3 release date

The previous episode of the series has featured some big deaths in the prison. While the upcoming episode will focus on Ann the one who is trying for finding out how there was such mismanagement.

Where To Stream Wentworth Season 8 Episode 12 Online?

wentworth season 8 episode 12 release date

We do not recommend you to watch any show on any fake platform or website, You can watch Wentworth on Netflix.

Wentworth Season 8 Cast:

  • Leah Purcell as Rita Connors.
  • Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak.
  • Katrina Milosevic as Susan “Boomer” Jenkins.
  • Robbie J Magasiva as Governor Will Jackson.
  • Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart.
  • Rarriwuy Hick as Ruby Mitchell.
  • Susie Porter as Marie Winter.
  • Kate Box as Lou Kelly.

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