What does Rosalía mean when she sings Motomani?


It is the fashionable word, because everything that Rosalía touches, sings, says and denies turns into gold. So one has been invented that was born with an intention and, like a snowball, has rolled until it became something else.

Motomami is, in fact, a proper name: that of the company that manages Rosalía’s musical career and that is directed by her mother and her sister, her two great references. And it is also the name used in the family to call the matriarch, who always went everywhere on a motorcycle and whose love of two wheels spread to her daughters.

Thus, the word was born from affection and intimacy, like those other expressions that are limited to the family sphere and that outside of it have no meaning. Motomami speaks of tenderness and movement. Of strength (motorcycle) and fragility (mami), as Rosalía explained in an interview for El País when she released her third studio album. But he also talks about empowerment, breaking molds and clichés and absolute freedom.

And by throwing her out of her house, she stripped her of privacy to put on a provocative top and tight tights that would highlight how powerful a woman who lives as she wants, who feels as she wants and who goes where she wants can be. . But to the one that all that strength of hers does not free her from her fears and her insecurities, because she can be the host but she is also human.

“A motomami is a fitness legend but she always asks for dessert.” “A motomami does not walk, she parades.” And so on up to 20 definitions that she herself tweeted, to which those of her fans joined until the word became TT. Because that’s also from motomamis, daddy.

By the way, a mommy boomer doesn’t understand a word of Rosalía’s lyrics, but she sings them at the top of her lungs at traffic lights.