What Is ‘PFP’ In TikTok? And How To Use It?- Tremblzer


Are you also as confused as we are about what exactly is ‘PFP’ that has managed to take the entire world by the storm on TikTok?

What Is ‘PFP’ In TikTok?

Well, it is an abbreviation whose full form is called ‘Picture For Proof’. It is not only used on Tiktok but also on other various social networking sites such as Instagram as well as on Facebook. Its main aim and objective of ‘Picture of Proof’ is to ask the person on the other side to send the respective messenger some sort of proof in relation to what they are doing at the moment. Always remember that your profile picture is an important part in the making of your profile on your TikTok account. That is the reason; one must always have a good one to show to the world. Videos with #PFP basically consist of a number of images that one is able to take a screenshot of and eventually upload as their own profile picture.

One can also change their PFP, which means their profile picture on TikTok; it is quite an easy task. Let us guide you as to how a profile picture on TikTok can be changed. Follow the guidelines given for the same as you scroll down.

Initially, one is given a couple of options before getting started. They can either click on a new picture right from this famous application or can upload one from their photo gallery. In order to change your ‘Picture For Proof’, download the TikTok app and scan through it. Then, visit your profile by tapping on the ‘Me’ icon in the bottom panel of your device.

The next step is to tap on your current profile picture. Select the ‘Change’ button from the bottom section.

Consequently, a pop-up menu will be seen before your eyes, tap on the wordings ‘Select from Gallery’, and then all you are required to do is select the image that has been screenshotted from the particular #PFP video. And yes, that’s all! Wasn’t that just easy?  

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