What to do if Windows Update is not working


Windows Update

upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Although the best you can do, if your computer is compatible with Windows 10, you should upgrade for free (if you have an official license) and take advantage of the fact that Microsoft continues to update it today. For now, it will continue to do so until 2025 . Starting in 2025, you will only receive Windows 11 updates.


Once we have installed the application, we must run it to check which is the latest version of Windows that we have installed and download all the updates that have been released since then .

Restore to a previous version of Windows

restore system

If, once we have installed the Microsoft application that forces the computer to update, it still does not update, the problem is more serious than it seems and we will be forced to restore to a previous version of Windows.

Windows restore points are created automatically when we install applications that modify the system, so if you haven't taken the precaution of doing them previously, don't worry, the system has taken care of doing it for you.

To return to a previous restore point in Windows 10, we must perform the steps that I show you below:

  • We go to the Windows search box and write Create restore point and click on the first result that is displayed.
  • Next, we go to the bottom of the window and click on System Restore .
  • Next, a window will be displayed that will inform us of what the restoration process consists of

The restoration process does not affect the documents, images and other personal data that we have stored.

  • It is recommended to use the immediately previous restore point , the last one we did, which is also the option recommended by Windows, however, we can also choose any other restore point
  • To restore the computer using the latest restore point we have on our computer, click on Recommended restore. If we want to use another restore point, we select Choose another restore point .

if nothing works

reset Windows

The only option left to us, before reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch, is to reset the computer through the Windows recovery options.

This feature is located within the Windows Settings – Update & Security – Recovery options. This option allows us to keep our personal files or delete them after reinstalling Windows.

This process is very similar to reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch , but with the advantage of not having to format the computer and make a backup of all the data that we want to keep.

Windows Update not working in Windows 11

The steps to fix Windows Update not working on Windows 11 are exactly the same as Windows 10 . It should be remembered that Windows 10 is the basis of Windows 11, and they share practically all the functionality, including both problems and solutions.