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When Does Luffy Use Gear 3? How it Works and What It Does to Him? is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about When Does Luffy Use Gear 3? How it Works and What It Does to Him?, Raw Scans, Previously on When Does Luffy Use Gear 3? How it Works and What It Does to Him? And More.

This article has been authored in order to let the readers know about when Luffy finally used Gear 3. In addition to this news, details will be revealed on how it actually works and what it does to him. Let us know how excited you are to learn about the same!

When Does Luffy Use Gear 3?

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When Does Luffy Use Gear 3

Answering the question as to when Luffy made use of this incredible gear known as ‘Gear 3’, It was in episode number 288 which was given the title ‘Fukuro’s Miscalculation – My Cola is the Water of Life’. Luffy’s Gear Third was introduced when he utilized the tool in order to break down a sealed door made of steel. 

How It Works And What It Does To Him?

When Does Luffy Use Gear 3

The Third Gear provides Luffy with might amount of strength. This happens when he bit his thumb and blew up his body by means of his bones. As the bones tend enlarge and grow stronger with time, Luffy’s strength also intensifies along with it.

Speaking about what it does to Luffy, it has a negative effect on Luffy’s life expectancy. He was given a clear warning by Rob of CP9. It was mainly because of the methods by which Luffy uses these Gears lays a great deal of exertion on his body. If he keeps on putting immense pressure on himself by using the gears, thee=re is fear that it will sooner or later resulting in the reduction of his life span. It must also be noted that a huge rise in blood pressure is as a matter of fact sufficient enough to eradicate human being. The same is what Luffy experiences as well.

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