Where to watch online Attack on Titan: best options


Shingeki No Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan, has become one of the most popular anime in recent yearsachieving not only a large fan base around the world, but also having several of its chapters with very high ratings on pages of specialized reviews.

Therefore, there are not a few fans who are waiting for each season of Attack on Titan and how many episodes does it have to keep up with the adventures of Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Near the end of the series, we’re going to talk about where to watch attack on titan online 2022 and what are the best options available.

Where to watch Attack on Titan online?

Streaming platforms are one of the best options to watch Attack on Titan, since in exchange for a small payment we can watch the anime without complications. Among the most outstanding we can find:


Netflix is ​​the streaming platform par excellence, and on it you can find the first 3 seasons of Shingeki No Kyojin both in Japaneselike in English y español no matter where in the world you are. Like other programs on the platform, the quality is adjusted according to the Internet connection so that the image doesn’t freeze, and it has a mobile version with the same features.

It is not yet known if Season 4 will also be included once it is released, and even if it does it is unlikely that it will be included automatically. Still, for all its benefits, it is not only one of the best ways to watch Shingeki No Kyojin, but also one of the best apps to watch anime on mobile. Currently, an account can be obtained by a base price of about 10 euros or 10 dollars.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another of the streaming platforms where you can watch the first 3 seasons of Shingeki No Kyojin in high quality. Its system is very similar to Netflixwith the possibility of choosing between different dubbings such as Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese, as well as the possibility of leaving or eliminating the subtitles.

At the moment, it is also not known if season 4 of Shingeki No Kyojin will be included on the platform, although there is a news section where you can see any related information. If you want to get an Amazon Prime Video account, you can make one for about 3 or 4 dollars or euros per monthsince the platform is subscribed on an annual basis.


Funimation es one of the most popular anime pages in the worldso it is not surprising that it has the first seasons of Shingeki No Kyojin in their entirety, including the first part of the fourth season, in Japanese and Latin Spanish audios, with the possibility of choosing between several players if one it does not work correctly,

It has already been confirmed that the platform will include the second part of season 4 of Attack on the Titans, although it has not been said if it will be included a few days after the premiere in Japan or if it will have its audio in other languages. You can create your own Funimation account by a base price of 6 dollarsIn addition, you can find some of the best anime similar to Attack on Titan to watch that you can enjoy while waiting for the release of new chapters.

Where to watch Attack on Titan online for free?

Although streaming platforms can be quite useful for watching Shingeki No Kyojin, it is understandable that some cannot afford to pay the monthly subscription at that time. If this is your case, then we will talk about The best pages to watch Shingeki No Kyojin for free in 2022:

Attack on Titan Online

Attack on Titan Online is, as its name suggests, a website made specifically to watch all the chapters of Shingeki No Kyojin, including his movies and Ovascompletely free and with the possibility of downloading them through Mega, in addition to being able to choose between 3 different players to watch an episode and be able to see an index explaining how to correctly manage the page.

Although it is not a completely legal platform, it has become one of the most used by Shingeki No Kyojin fans, especially for its sections where you can see other related anime such as Attack on Titan: Junior High, Attack on Titan : Counter Rockets, or Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly!, which cannot be found on other official platformsand even news related to the franchise and recommendations from other websites are given.


AnimeFLV is one of the favorite options to watch anime of otakus, since it was not only one of the first platforms launched to watch anime for free, but it also allows users to choose between several options to watch their favorite anime, and even be able to download it. Also, he usually updates the new chapters of his animes quickly, so it’s safe to say that they will include the new chapters of the second part of the fourth season of Shingeki No Kyojin shortly after its release in Japan.

Also, it should be said that the design of its website allows you to show the last episode you saw of Attack on Titan, and that it will show you other anime options according to your tastes, so you will never run out of anything to watch, and it even gives you the possibility of adjust the video quality and choose between watching the anime in Spanish or English. So it is not only one of the best options to watch SNK for free, but also one of the best pages to watch anime online and in Spanish 2022.

Best option to watch the last season of Attack on Titan

The manga de Shingeki No Kyojin ya terminó and his anime is nearing its end as well with its last season. Although Season 4 of Attack on the Titans has already ended in 2022, it was announced that a second part that will tell the final arc of the series will premiere at some point in 2023.

However, it has not yet been announced on which platforms the second part of SNK season 4 will be broadcast, or if the new chapters will be released simultaneously in Japan, or even when the version with its Spanish dubbing would be released. Although, looking at the function of the platform, we can assume that Crunchyroll will stream the anime with subtitles the same day it premieres..

With Crunchyroll, a person will be able to play the new episodes of Attack on Titan the same week they are released, in the best quality, and with the possibility of reading a short synopsis of the episode. Yes ok, the base account has a base cost of about 9 or 10 euros or dollars per month and allows you to watch the new episodes of the series the same day they are released in Japan. There is also the option to watch the latest season of Attack on Titan with ads without paying a single penny. That is why the best option to enjoy this well-known anime.