Who Is Patrick Mullen From Too Hot To Handle Season 3?


Watching Too Hot To Handle Season 3 and came across Patrick Mullen. Who is Patrick Mullen from Too Hot To Handle Season 3? Scroll Down to know more.

Who Is Patrick Mullen?

Patrick Mullen was born in 1993 and is 29 years old currently. He has an amazing height of  6’5″ feet. His birthplace is Honolulu which is in Hawaii. He is quite close to his father which was very well evident with his social media. He has a degree in botany. He is athletic and excelled in five different sports while in high school.

Social Media Following

Who Is Patrick Mullen from Too Hot To Handle Season 3? Credit: Trembler.com

With his appearance in Too Hot To Handle, Patrick has achieved a lot of eagerness and popularity among the audience on social media. Though he does have an account on Tiktok but is not much activity there. However, his Instagram account, as of January 2022 has 47.2k followers whereby he is frequently active there.

Before rising to fame, he was a model and an actor. He had collaborated with numerous brands and whereby which is quite visible by his modelling pictures on his social media accounts. As for now, he is signed to IMG Models a modelling agency that has headquarters all over the globe.

Patrick Mullen loves travelling (he himself claimed that he has travelled almost every place in Europe) and is extremely adventurous. Moreover, he loves playing the guitar which he funnily believes helps him to charm the ladies. Interestingly he went on to state that he feels happy to fulfil the holiday romance of the ladies visiting Hawaii and it has been a routine to give them an unforgettable night but he isn’t the type of guy who will treat them like they are “out of this world.” When he was asked further about his love interest, Patrick mentioned that everyone is not the same and every woman is special in their ways.  He also calls himself a “killer bartender” who can efficiently make great mojitos or margaritas.

If you want to know whether things bloom romantically between Patrick and Georgia in the upcoming days of the show, you must keep watching Too Hot To Handle Season 3.

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