Why is WiFi not showing up in Windows 10 and how to fix it


If WiFi does not appear in Windows 10 or Windows 11 we have a problem. A fat problem. We have a problem, because the majority of users use this type of wireless connection to connect the computer equipment that we have at home.

Although most laptops and desktops include an RJ-45 port for using an ethernet cable, being tied to a cable and not having the freedom to move around, especially on a laptop, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If WiFi does not appear on your computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11, the first thing we must do is find what element is interfering with its operation to find a solution.

For you to be calm. In 99% of cases, the problem is found in an application or configuration change on the computer. Only 1% is due to hardware issues.

Why does WiFi not appear in Windows 10

You have changed the password of your WiFi connection

Sometimes the simplest solution is the dumbest. If you’ve changed routers, the password most likely won’t be the same unless the technician bothered to ask you or a family member for the password for the old router.

If you use the same password, you won’t have to reconfigure every wireless device in your home. But, if it’s not the same, you’ll have to change it on each and every device.

Check that the computer detects the network card

If nothing has changed in the router that distributes the internet signal in our home, the first thing we should do is check that our computer detects the network card.

It is no use looking for a solution through Windows for hardware that is not available. To verify that our equipment detects and is aware that we have a wireless network card connected, we must carry out the steps that I show you below:

Device administrator

In the Windows search box, we enter the terms Device Manager and click on the first result that is displayed. Next, click on Network adapters and check that within the network adapters, one is listed that includes the terms WLAN or Network Adapter. If it’s listed, double-click on it and update the driver, in case a newer version has been released.

If not, the problem is with the card’s hardware. To solve it, we must read the last section of this article.

driver problem

driver problem

Windows 10, like Windows 11, automatically manages the drivers of all connected devices, no matter how old they are.

A few days ago, I needed to add WiFi connection to a desktop computer. When I was looking for models of WiFi cards, I remembered that I had a device to add wireless connection, a device that is 15 years old.

When I connected it, Windows automatically recognized the device and installed the necessary drivers to work and add internet to the computer where I had connected it.

Of course, regarding the speed of downloading, it reaches a maximum of 500 kb… As a temporary solution it works, but not to work normally, since any type of download can take hours instead of minutes.

With this roll, I wanted to show you how Windows 10 and Windows 11 are capable of detecting any type of hardware that is connected to a computer. Especially on desktop computers.

Although it is true that it works in the same way on laptops, it is not always the case. If your laptop has problems connecting to the internet, I advise you to visit the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers for the wireless card.

If when installing it, Windows tells you that the installed version is more modern than the one you want to install, we must look for the cause of the problem elsewhere.

configuration problem

Problem solver

Windows, unlike iOS and macOS, is available on millions of totally different devices, just like Android. Even so, it is very few occasions, we are going to find a configuration problem

However, there is always the possibility that we are one of the few users affected by configuration problems related to the wireless connection.

The first option is to use the troubleshooting wizard with wireless connections and other network adapters. However, it is highly unlikely that it will work, at least it has never worked for me.

If the wizard did not resolve the issue, we need to check Radio Management Services and WLAN Auto Configuration by following the steps below.

Wi-Fi configuration error

In the Windows search box, we type services.msc and press Enter. Next, double-click on Radio Administration Service. If Startup Type indicates Started, we go to Service Status and click Stop. Next, in Startup type, click on the drop-down box and select Disabled. Finally, click on Apply so that the changes are stored in the system.

Wi-Fi configuration error

Then double click on WLAN auto-configuration
Verify that Startup Type shows Automatic. If it does not show automatic, we click on the drop-down box and select it. If it was not in automatic, the service will not be active, so, in Service status, we must click on Start. Finally, click Apply to save the changes and restart the computer.

hardware failure

Wi-Fi adapter

If the WiFi connection issue is still not resolved, unfortunately we are in the 1% of users whose WiFi connection has stopped working.

If it is a laptop, the simplest solution if our equipment is still under warranty is to send it to technical service. If not, don’t even think about taking it, since it will cost you an arm and a leg.

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To have a wireless internet connection again, the easiest solution is to buy one of the different USBs that add an internet connection to our device.

Unless you have problems with the range of the wireless signal of your equipment, with this model you have more than enough. If not, you can opt for models that include an antenna to improve the signal.