Will Apple lower the prices of the iPhone 14?


As time goes by, we learn many more details about what Apple seems to be presenting in the month of September, where the iPhone 14 will obviously be the protagonist. Rumors indicate that the differences between the normal models and the Pro will be greater than ever, and the question is, will that reduce the price of the base range?

Cut in benefits, also in price?

The rumors about the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro do not stop appearing, and although for the top-of-the-range models it is all news and good news, the truth is that for those users who have in mind to buy the iPhone 14 dry, perhaps the latest news that we have known do not like it so much. The Cupertino company seems to have changed the strategy considerably, and if until now we saw how the distance in performance between the normal models and the Pro was shrinking, it seems that from September the opposite will happen.

The only real news that seems to come to these devices will be the launch of a new 6.7-inch iPhone to the detriment of the mini model. As for the chip that they will mount, it seems that the two base models they will not make the jump to the A16 Bionicbut they will inherit the one that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max currently have, but it is that, notch reduction so that it is an exclusivity that the Cupertino company wants to grant, again, only to the Pro models.

Obviously, these movements will cause a lot of controversy around the launch of these devices. However, one of the reasons that may be leading Apple to cut back on features to the base range of iPhone 14, with respect to the Pro range, is a price reduction of them, especially taking into account the launch of a 6.7-inch model, since if the price difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro remained as before, we would surely be talking about the iPhone 14 of 6.7 inches and the iPhone 14 Pro would have a very similar price, if not the same.

The iPhone 14 will mark a before and after

If this finally ends up happening, since so far they are all rumors, it would undoubtedly mark a before and after in the strategy of the Cupertino company with its iPhone models. Yes indeed, is not something new in Applesince if we analyze the iPad range, we can see how the strategy that follows with the iPad Air and the iPad Pro is very similar to what we could see from the month of September within the different iPhone models.

iPhone 13 mini black

However, if this reduction in performance compared to the Pro range is finally accompanied by a reduction in price, it can cause Apple to turn the situation around and change the almost certain criticism it may receive for a huge sales volumesince if the iPhone 13 is currently sold a lot, if its successor goes on the market with a lower price than the iPhone 13 currently has, there is no doubt about the success that said device will have.