Will Levi Die In Attack On Titans? Manga Reveals Levi’s Fate

This question arises in the minds of the otakus and AOT fans alike and makes them sleepless for all nights: What will happen to Levi? As we see a lot of characters perish in the manga, we have shown some sympathy for the main characters. Despite killing some main characters, It was decided that Levi will make it alive in the manga. But why? What was the reason? Let us see the reason.

Before you continue, make sure that this article is filled with spoilers. With all that being said, let us continue.

Attack on Titans is a manga series created by Hajime Isayama. It is about a german boy named Eren who is forced to protect his village from an army of gigantic, muscly titans. Eren joins the Survey Corps as a titan who breached the village walls and killed his mother. As he keeps fighting the titans, he realizes that he has the power to turn into a titan. The series becomes more complex as it progresses. Many of the characters like Eren, Mikasa, Ymir, and Levi have been remembered by fans as their favorite characters.
What Will Happen To Levi?

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Will Levi Die In Attack On Titans

Levi has been the most likable character in Attack on Titans. He is the captain of the special operation squad. He is calm, powerful, and intelligent. He is known for his exceptional fighting skills that would make a reader like him. He has been injured after a brutal fight against Zeke Yeager, having lost his two fingers. He is in a critical position which poses the question: Will Levi die or will he survive?

No. He will actually survive. Initially, the creator of AOT, Hajime Isayama, wanted to kill Levi. According to Kawakubo, the editor of AOT, he wanted to kill Levi before changing his mind. Isayama and Kawakubo discussed whether Levi’s death would be meaningful or not. Isayama changed his mind after the meeting and decided to spare Levi alive.

In the manga, Levi will survive the attack by Zeke and he will end up in a wheelchair. He will not be able to fight anymore and will live a peaceful life with Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopan. The ending would be disappointing for the fans as the death of Eren is inevitable. But it is what it is. Sometimes good things have to come to end, as nothing in this world is permanent.

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