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Apotheosis has a great fan base with nearly 750 chapters yet, not near to the end. It is one of the most famous Chinese manga written by Free of Favors. The manga is currently trending among all manga lovers across the world. With this, the expectations from other mangas rise, and people wonder if there will be any other adaptation to Apotheosis.

Apotheosis Storyline:

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The apotheosis storyline revolves around Luo Zheng who was born into a rich family but now has become a slave. The story depicts all the scenarios of how his family conditions started to deteriorate after the kidnapping of his sister. A powerful force is working against Luo and he must persist. Luo then finds an ancient book that used to belong to his father. He learns all sorts of unique codes and art of power with the help of that book. Luo Zheng unlocks all his power and almost attains a position of a God. He changes himself into a war machine and is fully focused on fighting and defeating his enemies. He defeats everyone who tries to come his way and wins glory.

Will There Be An Apotheosis Anime Adaptation?

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Fans of Apotheosis are loving the story and are hoping for an anime version for the same. Although, no official new regarding the same has been made. There were rumors in the anime world regarding the release of the anime version for the same, but there is still no substantial proof of it. However, if you are looking for another manga series similar to Apotheosis, then here’s a list of manga series for you-

  • Return Of The Immortal Emperor 
  • Don’s Adventure In Another World
  • Volcanic Age
  • Martial Peak
  • Star Martial God Technique
  • Wu Dong Qian Kun
  • Soul Land
  • Tales of Demons And Gods
  • Doupo Cangqiong
  • Eternal Reverence

All these manga series have more than 150+ chapters and are available online for the viewers.

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