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Wind Breaker Chapter 382 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Wind Breaker Chapter 382 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap of Wind Breaker Chapter 381, And more.

The manhwa Wind Breaker is a Korean manhwa series written and demonstrated by Jo Yongseok. The manhwa series comes from the genre of sports, action, and romance. The manga was initially released in 2014 on Webtoon. 

Wind Breaker Chapter 381 Highlights :

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The plot of the manhwa series Wind Breaker goes around the life of a perfect student named Jay. The boy is very good is studies as well as his all over school performance. He is known for getting A’s in every subject he is also the president of the student league. This vision for the world changed when he one day decided to join the school’s biking team that gave him insight into the world outside the studies. 

Wind Breaker Chapter 382 Release Date:

Wind Breaker Chapter 382 is all set to drop out on 1st November 2021. The manhwa series is updated on a weekly basis and comes up with a new chapter every Monday. The new chapter will be available to read on your preferred reading channels. 

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Wind Breaker Chapter 382 Countdown:

Read Wind Breaker Chapter 382 Raw online

Wind Breaker Chapter 382 Spoilers:

The new chapter of Wind Breaker is going to be out soon. The series is updated on a weekly basis and comes up with a new episode every Monday. As for the new episode, the publishers haven’t released any spoilers and predictions for it, it will be disclosed only with the release of the new episode. So, you have to wait until the episode drops out. 

Where To Read Wind Breaker:

We do not recommend you to read Wind Breaker on any fake platform or website, you can read Wind Breaker on Webtoon for free. 

Wind Breaker Characters:

The main characters of Wind Breaker include:

  • Jay Jo
  • Minu Yoon
  • June Lee
  • Dom Kang
  • Vinny Hong 
  • Shelly Scott
  • Mia 
  • Yuna Yoon

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