Yorokobu by Dr. Stravinsky: a cocktail to travel, enjoy and be happy


What makes us happy? César Montilla wondered when he discovered the meaning of the word Yorokobu (to be happy). Travel, without a doubt. Get to know other cultures, places and flavors, the main objective of traveling. Being in good health also makes us happy. “There is nothing better to be happy than having a healthy body and mind,” Montilla reaffirmed. Enough elements to inspire the creation of a cocktail called Yorokobu.

Montilla is the bar manager of Dr. Stravinsky, one of the most transgressive cocktail bars in Barcelona, ​​and his creation could not be conventional. “We decided to make our Yorokobu cocktail with an ingredient that we love: keffir.”

Dr. Stravinsky’s bartenders are specialists in different types of fermentations and in using products that are really good for our body, and keffir is one of them. “In this case, we have twisted it our way and made a coconut milk keffir with various spices that remind us of remote places, and ingredients that immerse us in a journey that begins in India.”

We are already in India. First inspiration? The Golden Milk. Or rather, the mixture of spices with which this drink is made, garam masala, which varies depending on the area and who makes it. “In this cocktail we have used an Ayurvedic mix, which emphasizes good health and the prevention and treatment of disease through lifestyle practices (massage, meditation, yoga, changes in diet), as well as such as the use of herbal remedies”, explains César Montilla. In the end, everything leads to happiness, which is what we are talking about today.

And from India we jump to the Caribbean to introduce the main spirit in the cocktail, the rum born from sugar cane, which is another product that has traveled around the world until it reached America, to later produce this elixir that we know as rum, in this case Jamaican.

Japan is the next stop on this journey. “A Japanese word like Yorokobu forced us to incorporate a product from the Land of the Rising Sun.” Dr. Stravinsky’s mixologists finally decided on a Yuzu liqueur, an Asian element based on sake that would add that citrus part to the cocktail.

And we arrived at the destination, Barcelona, ​​the Mediterranean. “We couldn’t not give it a touch of this wonderful place where we are to finish our cocktail,” says César Montilla. Said and done: by Dr. Stravinsky.


Dr. Stravinsky is a mix between cocktail and laboratory. Decorated in red and green tones and with wooden and glass furniture, its walls are full of old bottles, vases and jars in which they keep their concoctions. Because one of the hallmarks of this cocktail bar, located in the Borne neighborhood, is that they make their own artisan liqueurs using different techniques: distillates, cold infusions, coupages of fortified wines in barrels, fermented and macerated.

And since it is an artisanal cocktail bar and more than 50% of the spirits they offer are created directly on the premises, there are few commercial brands on its shelves and many of its own bottles, in which the image of a man with a mustache and paint stands out. mad scientist; Probably Dr. Stravinsky.

Its menu shows original cocktails, which change according to the season, and a cosmos of flavors that helps the undecided to choose the cocktail that best suits each palate.

Do you dare to prepare it?

40 ml of Jamaican rum.

40 ml of keffir masala.

20ml Yuzu sake

25 ml of white wine syrup, citrus and flowers.

Garnish: 70% cocoa chocolate with spices.

Spices: Cardamom, pepper and cinnamon.

All the ingredients are mixed in a mixer and served in the most beautiful cup, breakfast type, that you have in your house. As a garnish, we will make a chocolate —another of the things that makes almost everyone very happy— that we will sprinkle with the spices used in keffir.

And if you want its creators to do it for you, come and take it at Dr. Stravinsky, at number 5 Mirallers street in Barcelona.