You can now reserve the new Dragon Ball Yajirobai resin


Are you passionate about resins? dragon ball Y yajirobai is one of your favorite characters? Well then you’re in luck, because thanks to majin Store you can enjoy the new collector’s item of the guardian of the forests! Just below we leave you a couple of photographs for you to take a look at, and if it convinces you… keep reading, as we will give you much more information!

What did you think of this first look at Yajirobai’s resin? We already confirmed that it is a figure made by SKY TOP and that will reach 11 centimeters high. In addition, the price is really affordable, since it will be launched at an amount of around €90. Nothing bad! And when will we have it on the market? At the end of the year or the beginning of 2023, but we already anticipate that you can reserve it here before it runs out. To her!