Young Lady and Gentleman’s Episode 35 Release Date, Spoilers, Countdown And Watch Online


Young Lady and Gentleman’s Episode 35  is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Young Lady and Gentleman’s Episode 35 Raw Scans, Previously on Young Lady and Gentleman’ Episode 34, And More.

It is a South Korean television series that is directed by Shin Chang-Seok, the drama revolves around the story of  Lee Yong-gook who is a widower with three children and a live-in tutor for his kids, Park Dan-dan, to whom he is attracted.

Young Lady and Gentleman’s Episode 34 Highlights:

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Dan Dan visits  Visiting Yeong Sil with gifts and some money and apologies to her. Dan Dan goes on to see Anna Kim once again and says to her that she will not be looking for her mother now and gives her a farewell gift. Still wondering about Dan Dan, Young Guk goes on to dinner with her. Young Guk further wins a beer-drinking contest. Young Guk then goes out for dinner with his friend and tells him about his feelings about Dan Dan and then also asks him what he should do now, he told him to confess his feelings to Dan Dan as it is not unnatural and she likes him too. They both come to the house at the same time. As they both were going in, Dan Dan further kisses him, making Young Guk pull away all of a sudden. Surprisingly he blurts out by telling her not to do repeat again, Young Guk was angry at himself about why he reacted so.

Young Lady and Gentleman’s Episode 35 Release Date:

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Young Lady And The Gentleman Episode 25

It will release on January 22, 2022. One can watch it on Rakuten Viki.

Young Lady and Gentleman’s Episode 35 Spoilers

Meeting Young Guk outside in the morning, Dan Dan further tells him that from now onwards she will let her feelings to herself from now. But goes on to say to Young Guk, if he has feelings for her, he will have to come to Mount Nam tonight. Young Guk goes to the location but texts her that he will not be there and tells her to go home. However, late at night, to his surprise still finds her waiting for him there. Finally, they both decide to date again as even the children do not have any problem with them. On the other hand, Sa Ra has also moved on. Though things for other people will not be going to be as smooth as Se Ryeon and Dae Beom have finally broken up.

Where To Stream: Young Lady And The Gentleman?

  We don’t support any illegal websites or apps and neither should you. Young Lady And The Gentleman will release on Rakuten Viki.

Young Lady And The Gentleman Cast

1. Ji Hyun-woo as Lee Young-guk
2. Lee Se-hee as Park Dan-dan
3. Park Ha-na as Jo Sa-ra
4. Kang Eun-tak as Cha Gun
5. Cha Hwa-yeon as Wang Dae-ran
6. Yoon Jin-yi as Lee Se-ryun
7. Seo Woo-jin as Lee Se-jong
8. Lee Jong-won as Park Soo-cheol
9. Ahn Woo-yeon as Park Dae-beom
10. Kim Young-ok as Jin Dal-rae

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