Young man goes out partying in Peru and “wakes up in another city”: Viral video


Through her TikTok account, a young woman shared the occasion when she went out partying in Peru, but when she woke up the next day she realized that she was in another city. The publication already has more than 159 thousand 600 interactions.

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According to the testimony of the young Leti Rp, originally from Switzerland, she had planned to tour the city in the company of her friends, however, she was surprised hours after partying.

In his TikTok account he published a video in which he is seen walking through the area of ​​the Pachacútec hill, located in the city of Ventanilla.

The scenes appear accompanied by the message: “Like when the party was good and you wake up somewhere else.”

Users took this situation with humor and made comments such as:

Similarly, it was highlighted that Leti would have played a prank on his users when touring the city of Peru, since the influence usually shares photos and videos of his daily life, in addition to constantly interacting with his 563 thousand followers.