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Flying ghosts for Halloween


In this article we are going to see how to make some simple, but very successful, flying ghosts. Ideal for special Halloween children’s decoration.

It is a craft that requires very few materials and tools. You just need gauze fabric, white cork balls, wire, and little else. In addition, all the materials used, such as gauze, bandages, cork balls, are very affordable and easily accessible.

We have formed the “Buu” family. Large family, by the way. With dad and mom Buu, bigger, and the three little ones.

You can do this craft with the help of the little ones in the house. You will see, how you will enjoy yourself, as much as they do.

Hurry up!! There is very little time left for Halloween night.


Here we leave you a video-tutorial with the whole process to make Flying Ghosts for Halloween:


To make these flying ghosts for Halloween, you need the following materials:

Porexpan balls (that is, white cork). You can find them in craft stores and in stores of everything to a hundred. Choose the size you prefer.

We have chosen some of 5.5 cm, and others of 4.0 cm in diameter.

Wire. Use one that isn’t too fat, so you can mold it easily. Glue eyes. You can also buy them in craft stores and in stores of everything to a hundred. White gauze. You can buy it by the meter at any fabric and fabric store. White bandages. If you are going to make 2 or 3 little ghosts, with one roll you will have enough. White thread. Instant glue, or double-sided tape. Black self adhesive numbers. Nylon thread (that is, fishing line). Scissors. Tongs.


Step 1: The first step is to cut the piece of gauze, for which you must take into account the size of the ball that will be the head, since they must be proportionate.

Guide yourself, more or less, from the measurements used in this video. However, when in doubt, cut off excess and, once mounted on the head, cut off the excess.

For the largest cork ball that we have used, we will cut a piece of gauze of about 75 cm, by the width of the fabric, it is that it is 1 meter.

Step 2: Now we cut a piece of wire. I tell you the same thing as in the previous step,… when in doubt, it is better than over. However, we will cut approximately one meter.

We fold it in half and, with the help of the pliers, we twist a section slightly larger than the diameter of the ball, leaving a small ring at the end, which will be where we will hang it.

To make this ring, you can help yourself with a cylindrical object with a very small diameter, for example the wire support of the wire roll itself that we are using. Watch in the video how we do it.

Step 3: We cross the ball through the center with the wire, open the two ends, and form the arms. Give it a slightly spooky shape.

Step 4: Now we cover the wire with a bandage so that, once the figure is finished, it does not show through the gauze. You must make several passes. See how I do it in the video.

Once in its position, we fix it with white thread.

Step 5: We cut 4 or 5 pieces of bandage of different lengths and put them covering the cork ball. We pass the wire ring through the bandages.

Step 6: We put the gauze on the head, centering it, and tie a piece of white thread at the height of the neck, so that the shape is well defined.

Step 7: With the scissors, we cut the excess (in case the gauze is too long), and we also make some uneven cuts in the form of peaks so that the appearance is more authentic.

Step 8: With instant glue, we glue the eyes.

Being gauze, the same does not stick well. If this happens to you, you can always resort to double-sided tape.

Step 9: For the mouth we will use black self-adhesive numbers.

If we want to give an expression of astonishment, we paste a zero.

If what we want is to give a more sympathetic aspect, we cut a zero in half and we will get a smile.

Step 10: To finish, we tie a piece of nylon thread to the ring and hang this new flying ghost friend from the ceiling.

It seemed more complicated than it really is… right?

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