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GTA 6 Release Date, Map, Leaks, Trailer, Download Link – Will CJ Return In GTA 6?

gta 6 release date

GTA 6 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about GTA 6 release date, map leaks, GTA 6 news, GTA 6 characters, and is it true that CJ is returning in GTA 6?

GTA 6 Leaks

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The maximum latest GTA 6 rumor, as featured on Reddit, indicated that information changed into coming during SuperBowl LV. Last year’s massive recreation befell in Florida and there had been references to GTA Vice City all around the vicinity, maximum drastically a few broadcasters displaying off posters with GTA Vice City’s fonts and styling. Fox Sports additionally had masses of graphical overlays on its broadcast, maximum drastically the minimap and the fitness indicators.

The SuperBowl in 2021 took vicinity in Florida, with The Weeknd headlining the halftime display. Fans had speculated that that is crucial due to the fact The Weeknd has been connected to GTA 6 earlier than in a song video however, that is only a person remark that changed into protection withinside the video thru a billboard from “Son of Cita” that reads “Dis changed into on GTA 6 trailer”. When the SuperBowl halftime display happened, there has been no pronounced hyperlink to GTA 6.

GTA 6 Leaked Map

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Vice City And Liberty City In GTA 6

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A leak emerged sometime in the past from the GTAForums, in which another time the perception of running throughout Vice City and Liberty City got here up; focusing closely on drug smuggling and Cartels throughout a couple of time periods.

According to any other leak, Vice City won’t be the best Florida vicinity nicely be heading to. The leaker additionally said that the map withinside the subsequent GTA “is about to be the dimensions of GTA V & RDR2 combined.”

The sport will supposedly take gamers on a brief experience to any other country, additionally sooner or later withinside the campaign, gamers will head to someplace in Central America.

The places that the sport is rumored to be set in are:

  • Liberty City (Limited Area) 
  • Vice City (Main City) 
  • Rio de Neve, South America (Rio de Janeiro, Main City) 
  • The Republic of Castellano, South America (Mix of Bolivia and Colombia, Main City) 
  • Minor Cities 
  • The Peoples Republic of del Castro, Central America (Fictional Central American island primarily based totally on Panama and Cuba, Island) 
  • Mexico (Mexico, Limited Area)
  • Prologue: 1978 
  • Main Story: 1980s 
  • Epilogue: Present Day

New Twist in GTA 6 – GTA 6 News

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gta 6 release date

CJ Not Returning

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In a completely indignant fashion, the previous voice actor for GTA: San Andreas person CJ has shown he’ll now no longer go back for the following game.

This doesn’t always suggest that CJ won’t seem in a few manners in GTA 6 – however it’s searching not likely wed see the identical voice actor go back, that’s for sure.

Are Franklin, Michael, And Trevor Returning In GTA 6?

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So the query is – do we see the go back of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor? It’s now no longer out of the opportunity as they’re nonetheless alive withinside the canon finishing of GTA 5

Female Lead

Alternatively, rumors and hypotheses of a girl person taking on the main position have commenced to trap on.

GTA Main Characters

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The Sun mentioned in advance in 2020 that GTA 6s characters were found out and the map could have a San Andreas style. An alleged former worker has found out the names of predominant characters:

“They consist of a motive force known as Walther Wallace, a person named Thomas Branigan with a smuggling aircraft known as “the Raven” and a drug supplier named Marcus Burke,” reviews The Sun. The “former worker” additionally claimed, of their Reddit post, that the map will replicate that of San Andreas.

GTA 6 New Lead Villain

According to a record by tweaktown.com; the previous Breaking Bad famous person these days performed an interview with Collider.

In this interview Esposito said the following: 

“It’s been my year, as a way to speak. It commenced with The Mandalorian, after which an online game I did which goes to be huge, that I can truly mention”

With his preceding characters in movie and TV, a position as a lead enemy in GTA 6 suits the mold

GTA 6 Release Date – What year is GTA six coming out?

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So far there has been no official release date given, in fact, there hasn’t been an official announcement of its existence. The game could launch anytime between 2021-2023 based on multiple conflicting rumors and some theory crafting based on the evidence we have at hand.

But, with GTA V launching back in 2013 it is very safe to say that GTA 6 is in development.

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