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Hana Horka DEAD, Czech Singer Died At The Age Of 57 After Choosing To Contract Covid.


Czech singer Hana Horka has died at the age of 57 after she intentionally contracted hepatitis C in order to be eligible for sickness benefits. That is not a healthy life choice! And it sounds like the City Hall didn’t allow a memorial service, but I’m assuming there are people who are organizing one, right? There is a fan club even.

According to various Czech media reports, Horka died on Friday night in the hospital after she was admitted with a severe stomach ache and internal bleeding caused by an inflamed liver. Horka had allegedly contracted hepatitis years ago but only recently showed symptoms of the disease.

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Czech singer Hana Horka, who was known for her work in the 1980s with the Plastic People of the Universe, has died at age 57 after deliberately contracting hepatitis.

Horka was one of several members of the band tried and jailed on charges of ‘systematic disobedience’ after it emerged they had performed music banned by the communist regime.

Born in Prague, Horka joined the band during its exile in the West before she was forced to return home after the 1989 Velvet Revolution, effectively ending her career as a singer.

Source: New York Post

Her long-term partner Michal Horacek said that Horka had wanted to release an album for years but had not received permission from the authorities.

According to her partner, in 2011 she deliberately contracted hepatitis by using dirty instruments when tattooing her arms in order to be eligible for sickness benefits and “be able to sing again”.

Prague City Hall is said to have refused permission for a memorial service, but one will reportedly take place in London on 23 March.

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