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Here How Sidney Poitier, Black Acting Pioneer, Dies At The Age Of 94


Mr. Poitier, a famous Hollywood star who died Saturday at the age of 94, has passed away. The late actor was recognized for his significant endeavor in the film industry, which paved the way for many actors following him as the first Black and Bahamian man to win an Oscar. After his death, numerous artists from the business as

Sidney Poitier Dies At 94:

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According to a news report from Eyewitness News Bahamas, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell confirmed the death of actor Sidney Poitier. The exact cause of his demise has yet to be determined. The late actor was known for his trail-blazing contributions in Hollywood; he had over 50 credits under his belt. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

In 1958, he was cast as tough convict Rufus “Striker” Carrington in The Defiant Ones, which led to a nomination for Best Actor alongside co-star Tony Curtis. He made history six years later by winning an Academy Award for his role in the 1963 film Lilies of the Field. Hollywood pays a tribute to Sidney Poitier.

The late legendary actor’s death was announced on social media, where it sparked an outpouring of respect and tributes. Many recall his contributions to the film business and the gratitude they have for his efforts.

After being inundated with tributes, the late actor’s family announced his death. He was 90 years old. The cause of his death was not revealed, but it was reported to be from a heart attack. Poitier is survived by four children and seven grandchildren. His daughter Zendaya wrote on Twitter, “My father changed everything for.

“Sidney Poitier carried a burden no other actor of his era faced,” another user wrote in a tribute. “He didn’t want to represent all Black men, but it was his lot to be the only Black leading man in a business wary of more than one.” Still, he provided nuance, charm, and honesty to each part.

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