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Hychika 36V brushless chainsaw


Most tools are designed for a specific use. However, it is sometimes possible to use them for a few different applications.

This is the case of the chainsaw, which is intended for use in gardening and landscaping. Specifically for felling trees and pruning branches of a certain thickness.

However, in the next article we will see how it can also be used in DIY projects. But first we must know the characteristics of this tool, how it is assembled and set up for its operation.

For this, we have chosen the battery-powered model of the Hychika brushless electric chainsaw, and it has been for several reasons that I will detail below. But first let's see all the elements that make it up.

Chainsaw Components

The elements that make up this powerful tool, and that come as standard, without having to spend an additional euro, are:

  • The sword with its protective sheath. It has a length of 35cm. Enough for practically any DIY project.
  • Chain.
  • Two batteries of 18V each and 4.0 Ah, which provide impeccable power and smoothness.
  • The charger.
  • Lubricant oil.
  • The multilingual manual.
  • And the body of the tool, which has a front and rear handle:
    1. In the latter we have the trigger and the safety button.
    2. speed selector.
    3. recoil brake.
    4. Battery housing, on both sides.
    5. Oil tank, with level indicator.
    6. And the chain cover, with the tension device.

Advantages of this chainsaw

What are the main advantages of the Hychika cordless chainsaw?

  • It's not heavy at all. Managing its 5.5 Kg of weight is easy and comfortable.
  • The autonomy provided by its two 4.0 Ah batteries.
  • The length of his sword.
  • Its 2 speeds. One at 6,200 and one at 8,000 RPM.
  • And to top it off, we have left the best: its powerful 36V brushless motor.

Advantages of brushless motors

Next, we will review very briefly the improvements that this type of motor brings with respect to the traditional ones, better known as motors with brushes or motors with carbon.

  • They have a better dynamic response.
  • Greater energy efficiency.
  • They overheat much less.
  • They are quieter.
  • They do not need maintenance.
  • And they are more compact, smaller and more durable than traditional motors.

chainsaw assembly

Next we will see how the assembly and tensioning of the chain is done, leaving the tool ready for use.


This tool is only suitable for use by adults, since if used improperly it could be very dangerous.

Of course you have to use it with all security measures and with the greatest caution.

The first step will be to remove the chain casing by turning the wheel counterclockwise.

In the guide rail of the bar we introduce, along its entire length, the inner flanges of the chain.

For a correct assembly, it is necessary to check that the cutting teeth face forwards.

Next, we place the bar in its location, we put the rear part of the chain around the drive sprocket, and we pretension it by turning the metal wheel clockwise.

Finally, we put the casing back in its place without too much tightening, and we finish tensioning the chain by turning the outside of the wheel.

Be careful when tensioning the chain. You must do it enough so that it does not go out of the guide rail, but not too much because it could be damaged.

Once tensioned, we finish firmly anchoring the casing by turning the central part of the wheel.

As you have seen, it does not have any complications. With a little practice, this operation is done in a matter of seconds.

The next thing will be to fill the oil tank, whose mission is to automatically lubricate the chain during its operation.

And finally, we put the batteries.

Explanatory video

Surely you have doubts, so we include below a video with all the assembly steps.

We already have the chainsaw ready for use. In the next article we will show, step by step, how to make a very cool and original dog bowl. For what we will use this powerful chainsaw, an oak trunk and little else.

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