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Watch Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 11 Online


Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 11 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 11 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of episode 10, And More.

Previously On Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 10 :

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The previous episode of Let’s Make A Mug Too had the title “Himeno-Chan is Doing Her Best”. In this episode, we saw that Nao and Himeno visited the exhibition of 15 young artists from Tajimi.

Himeno chooses different mugs and bowls of various shapes and sizes. Since they did not find anything unique, they decided to drink a cup of tea. Himeno said that she was really tensed as she could not decide her topic and her deadline is arriving soon. He advises doing whatever she feels right. But in reply, she tells that the moment she asks Toko and Mika about her work, she feels confused.

After a conversation, Himeno and Mika walk towards their home and thinks of Mika’s advice. 

On the other hand, Tokiroshi continues his daily work at Tokishirou’s Cafe. The cafe closes and finally, Nao arrives. Seeing Nao in a hurry, Tokishior says that she should leave and Himeno would follow her for her safety. We saw Himeno inside the kitchen preparing food for her.

Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 11 Spoilers:

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 Till date, the spoilers have not yet leaked, but we can expect that the soilers will release two dats prior to it’s release.

Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 11 Release Date:

Let’s Make A Mug Too episode 11 will be releasing on June 14, 2021. This release date has been finalized and hence there will be no change or delay in its release date. This upcoming episode can be watched online on Crunchyroll.

Let’s Make A Mug Too Characters:

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The following names are the characters that have been seen in the whole series. Read the following list to know all the names of the characters.

Himeno Toyokawa, Mika Kukuri, Naoko Naruse, Toko Aoki, Tokishiro, Toyokawa, Sachiw Tokikawa, Mami Koizumi, Mad Demon, Yuzuna, Noa, Tomonari Kusano, Yukari Osawa, Jube Aoki.

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