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Microcement is the future of reforms


The segment of the coatings is full of options; however, the advantages offered by microcement make it the viable alternative of the present and the coating of the future. Compared to other materials, microcement allows the creation of any kind of spaces and styles, promising to achieve your dream home in an economical, fast and fun way.

Listing the points in favor, we find in the first instance the variety of colors available, and that is that by combining different types of color pigments, the material offers enough multiplicity so that creativity is the only limitation when it comes to customizing the home according to our tastes.

Whether on floors, walls, swimming pools or ceilings, microcement is compatible with all surfaces, adapting easily thanks to its adherence power that eliminates the need to remove the material from the home, as well as worrying about its peeling off.

Versatility and resistance

The possibility of applying both indoors and outdoors provides an extra decorative value to the material. With a versatility that is difficult to match by other materials, microcement is presented as a highly resistant option, withstanding both mechanical force and abrasion, as well as the effect of UV rays.

Another advantage that arouses attention is the speed and cleanliness of its installation, eliminating the headache represented by the accumulated debris as we advance in the reform, since it does not generate a single one of them, facilitating the end of the work in record time.

Contrary to the smooth cement, the microcement requires a tiny thickness, it is enough to apply a thin layer of 2 to 3 mm, this aspect allows its installation on practically any surface to achieve imperceptible results.

Ease of maintenance

Just water and neutral soap is what is needed for the correct cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces, guaranteeing that the properties of the material will remain intact, although if we wish, we have the option of using specialized microcement cleaners.

The quality/price ratio is also not far behind, eliminating the need to remove the previous surface, microcement becomes the most economical coating option in its class, considerably reducing the final cost of works or reforms.

In short, a fast, elegant and distinguished renovation alternative, without the need to pay too much.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of finishes, we invite you to visit company pages such as www.smartcret.com that will offer you all the information and products so that you can carry out the reform yourself.

You will find everything you want to know, as well as more information about the advantages of microcement and the possibility of requesting your own product.


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