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Nadia Sawalha DISCLOSE Reason For ‘HEARTBREAK’ Following Loose Women drama


Nadia Sawalha opens up about the ‘heartbreak’ she experienced at her mother becoming estranged from her following a family feud.

The Loose Women panelist – who is home to three children and nine step-children with former husband Mark Adderley – admitted that while she was initially relieved when her parents got divorced, things changed when she began to not see her half-brothers.

Nadia said: ‘I think with divorce, generally speaking, the child is relieved that their parents are happy and they’re not arguing anymore.

‘But I was one of those children who felt bereft when my dad left because I was very close to my father.

‘The only thing that kept me going was knowing I’d still see him, and then as I got older not seeing my brothers on a daily basis was really hard.

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‘It’s heartbreak to know you’re not going to see them and you feel like they’ve abandoned you because your dad left.’

Nadia first opened up about her family feud when she appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show in June 2013, where her father Joe Sawalha and younger half-brother Mike were also present.

Nadia also confessed that while she is great friends with her mother, they aren’t as close as they once were.

The 54-year-old actress said: ‘I’m very close to my mum but I don’t think many people are as close to their mums as they were when they’re children.

‘There’s a distance there, you’ve got your own life, you have your own friends, your job, kids of your own – that changes things.’

Last September Nadia revealed that she would ‘love more grandchildren but her youngest daughter, Maddy – who is now 19-years-old – wouldn’t be allowed to date yet.

She said on Loose Women: ‘I would love more grandchildren. I’d adopt them if I had to.’

Her sentiments echo those of her own mum, Fatima, who has previously admitted that she wants another grandchild before she dies.

She said: ‘I would love her to have another child. I want her to be happy and healthy but I’m not getting any younger.’

Nadia’s interview airs on Friday 10th January at 10 pm on ITVBe.

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