Fallout 4 – inspiring wastelands [INW #28]

Is the graphics of the new Fallout really that poor? Can you create a charming hero who abhors violence? What resolution does...

Without lightsaber # 2: Dark Forces

The Jedi Knight series is one of the most talked about series of video games in the Star Wars universe. The story, whose...

The Witcher and the Seventh Sea, or How to Export Polish Culture to the West

Our culture and history did not have an easy path to Western consciousness. Literature failed, and Polish cinematography had and still has a...

I do not recommend Superhot. Why do players bill games by the hour?

We waited a long time but it was worth it. Superhot turned out to be an original, addictive and visually great game. ...

Battlefield 1918, or before World War I became fashionable

Until recently, World War I in video games was an almost neglected topic. On the fingers of one hand, you can count the...

Brief: Path of Exile sets a new record for concurrent users with the release of Siege of the Atlas

Brief: Path of Exile sets a new record for concurrent users with the launch of Siege of the Atlas

Grinding Gear Games has revealed Path of Exile recorded a record 270,260 concurrent users with the release of the Siege of the Atlas expansion. This is a remarkable number for a game that has been available since 2013. The studio has also been congratulated for the implementation of the new content, which has been done without problems. “Over the weekend, we launched Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas. We are happy to say that the implementation went extremely smoothly and there were no major issues!” says Grinding Gear Games. “We also reached a new… Read complete news and comments »

The news of the week (#5 2022)

The news of the week (#5 2022)

In January 2021, video game companies worth 85.4 billion dollars were acquired, a record figure (even for an entire year) that was achieved thanks to the latest push from Sony, which announced an agreement to take over Bungie in exchange for 3.6 billion of dollars. Bungie will continue to be a multi-platform company, and Sony hopes that it will help them reach a broader audience through games as a service. Furthermore, the Japanese company revealed that PS5 has already sold 17.3 million units. Another great news that the week has left us has been the confirmation of… Read complete news and comments »

Netflix’s NEWEST Game Is A Card Battle Game Similar To Hearthstone.

Netflix has announced a new game called The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, which is out today on Steam. As its name...

Microsoft Made a $68.7 BILLION DEAL to Purchase Activision Blizzard in the World’s Largest Video Game Mega-Deal

Game publisher Activision Blizzard and software giant Microsoft announced this morning a blockbuster $68 billion deal – the biggest video game transaction in history...

Malfunctioning VANDING Machine location In Fortnite Chapter 3 | Tremblzer

Fortnite is a survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS....