Iran awaits Western decisions for agreement on nuclear program

The West must make decisions to cross the "finish line" in the negotiations taking place in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program, the chief...

Iberdrola exceeded the target in 2021 with a profit of 3,885 million euros

The Spanish energy group Iberdrola announced this Wednesday that it obtained a rising net profit in 2021, despite the reduction in its margins linked...

China and Russia still supply arms to military in Burma, UN expert denounces

Two member countries of the UN Security Council, Russia and China, in addition to Serbia, continue to supply weapons to the Burmese military junta...

Richard Clayderman, master of elevator music, releases his 35th album

"Elevator music has its virtues: you can hear it everywhere!" exclaims French pianist Richard Clayderman, 68, who is releasing his 35th album this...

China is going to build quarantine centers in Hong Kong before the advance of covid

Hong Kong authorities declared on Sunday that they are in "combat mode" in the face of the advance of the covid and China sent...

Greece continues search for 12 people on burning ferry

Rescue teams were working this Saturday more than 50 kilometers north of Corfu to locate 12 passengers missing for 24 hours in the fire,...

Figueres and Chaves, the rivals of the ballot in Costa Rica

Former President José María Figueres and former Minister Rodrigo Chaves will define in a ballot on April 3 who will be the next president of Costa Rica for the period 2022-2026.

Ireland beat reigning champions Wales 29-7 in Six Nations opener

Ireland comfortably defeated Wales (29-7), defending the title in the Six Nations Tournament but weakened by casualties, this Saturday in Dublin, in the match that opened the 2022 edition of the main tournament of rugby in the northern hemisphere .

Best Things To Do After Retirement In 2021

Posterior spending just about half of your life working, a man needs rest which is otherwise called retirement. Now, in this article, we are...

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India- Tremblzer Blogs

You have hustled hard throughout all those years of your formal education. And now you need a job that justifies those years of burning...